Welcome Friends & Comrades

We extend our warmest welcome to this dedicated space, a tribute to the enduring memory of Staff Captain Joseph McCann. On that fateful day, the 15th of April 1972, Joe fell victim to an unfortunate incident, a tragedy that serves as a somber reminder of the complex history in Belfast.

Joe was more than a name; he was a staunch Republican Socialist, a true ‘Working Class Hero’ who embodied the core values of the Republican ideal. Throughout his life, Joe led by example, taking to the front lines in the pursuit of empowerment, the organization of demonstrations, and direct action against British Forces. He was no ‘armchair general’ but a man of action.

We invite you to delve into Joe’s story, explore the individuals who inspired him, and pay your respects on the ‘Tributes’ page. Our mission is to provide a growing collection of resources, including songs and additional information. We also invite you to share your thoughts and messages in our guestbook, a space for reflection and remembrance.

Thank you for visiting and standing in solidarity with us.

With gratitude,
The McCann Family