Welcome to the website dedicated to Captain Joe McCann’s memory. Born on 2nd November 1947 in Belfast to a working-class family, Joe was a self-educated man with a passion for Irish language and culture.

Influenced by readings of James Connolly, Joe strongly believed in establishing a Socialist Republic and uniting working-class people, regardless of their religious background. He joined The Fianna and later became a respected Commander in the OIRA, organizing and inspiring those he worked with.

Sadly, Joe was tragically murdered on 15th April 1972 by members of The First Parachute Regiment and RUC Special Branch on Joy Street. He is survived by his wife, Anne, and their children Feargal, Áine, Fionnuala, and Ciaran.

This website honors Joe’s memory and the enduring pursuit of justice.

Justice Will Prevail!


The Earth and all it’s wealth are God’s Earth and God’s wealth. If you own some of it, tis a blessing. But, it is not yours exclusively. You are only the administrator of it for the needs of all.

– The Archbishop of Leeds

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  1. pp:

    i lived i granville street in the lower falls when i grew up there nearly every house had a photo of joe on the wall my dad talked about him with great admiration,also veteran republican margaret mcallister wrote a manologue to joe mccann,at night she used to tell us about big joe,he was a lasting impression in my life growing up in the lesson street area.

    1. Feargal:

      Thanks for your post and glad to here your memories of Joe. He was an inspirational young man. It’s unfortunate that some can see no further than the ‘Terrorist’ tag the British appointed him. He was a true freedom fighter who wanted a free and fair society in which all would be cherished equally. Beir Bua!! Feargal.

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