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Thank you for taking time to visit this site which is dedicated to the memory of Staff Captain Joseph McCann, murdered by crown forces, 15th of April 1972. Joe was a true Republican Socialist and a genuine ‘Working Class Hero’ who encapsulated all aspects of the Republican ideal. Joe led from the front on every occassion whether it was empowering people, organising deomonstrations or taking direct action against British forces. He was no ‘armchair general’.

Please take time to read about Joe and some of the people who inspired him and also to visit the ‘Tributes’ page. We will be adding more links to songs and anything else we come across. Also, take a minute or two to sign our guestbook and leave a message if you wish. Just click the link below.


Many thanks……….The McCann family.


The family are still making trips back home (up North), piecing together my grandfather’s life story and circumstances for the up-coming biography.

Thank you to all friends, family, and supporters of Joe for your curiosity and interest as this site is for both you and Joe.

Work is currently underway organising an event to commemorate Joe’s 40th anniversary next April. watch this space for details. (09/11/11)

New Badge to commemorate “Big Joe’s” 40th anniversary now available, contact feargalmccann@gmail.com for details. See the badge on the ‘Tributes’ page. Details about the event on the 15th of April will follow shortly.

The march to commemorate our late father, ‘Big Joe’ McCann, will take place on Sunday the 15th of April 2012. Participants will from-up at 14:15hrs in upper Stanfield St, in the Markets area of Belfast and march to the Hamilton St./Joy St. junction. Ciaran McCann will open and close the proceedings which will consist of an oration on behalf of the family given by Feargal McCann and a song in memory of our father which will be performed by Aine McCann. Final respects will be paid to a true ‘Working Class Hero’ when Anne McCann (Joe’s wife) lays a wreath on the spot were Joe died and the flags are lowered to the sound of the ‘Last Post’. All are welcome to attend this historic event and we look forward to seeing you there.

Latest: Badges are currently ‘sold out’ but more will arrive in Belafst around 14th of March. I will up-date here and on facebook.

Link to Irish Times article on the passing of Eamonn O’Doherty, the artist and musician who penned the well know tribute to ‘Big Joe’ that was recorded by ‘Planxty’ for their ‘The Iron Behind the Velvet’  album. The song was sung by Christy Moore who I remember calling to our house in Turf Lodge. http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/obituaries/2011/0806/1224301948950.html

The 40th Anniversary Commemoration was a great success and we would like to thank all who turned out for making it so very special. Visit the 40th page above for a few pic’s etc.

The Historical Enquiries Team of the PSNI have concluded that Joe’s killing was ‘Unlawful’ & ‘Unjustified’ The family are happy with these findings which confirm once and for all that the Para’s shot Joe in the back in cold blood. See link below for BBC report. The family have added a new page with some comment on the HET report  Thanks for visiting the site. Beir Bua!!



  1. Feargal McCann

    Badges are now available contact me at my e-mail adress above and I will point you in the right direction. Preparations are going well and we look forward to seeing you all on the 15th of April 2012. Lets hope the weather hold for us!! Feargal McCann


  3. Paul, Thanks for taking time to post.The bosses cultivated the sectarian element as it was not beneficial for them to have a united working class. They seen the power that the working class had when they worked together and were afraid. Better to have us a each others throats, that way we wouldn’t have time to worry about ‘trivial’ things like fair conditions and pay for workers and decent housing for all people. How many people are still living in sub-standard housing?!! Venceremos!! Feargal.

  4. i heard the christy moore song about joe a while back i know about a lot of true republicans like tone connolly etc and the story of joe has fascinated me a man u can look up to and i was wondering if there is a book written about his life ?

  5. I new your dad I lived in 11 catherine st in the markets I was about 13 (now 60) when he used to come into our palour and play cards with my brother Brain and a few others

  6. Joe Mc Cann was my neighbour and my mentor,I cried like a baby when he was murdered I had livid experiences with J oe,I was afraid ,but he aleays made me laugh,its easy he said,maybe he was also afraid but he took the fright away ,not a soldier not a nationalist a true living human being that strove for equality.

  7. Please contact me theres a song about your da being done please contact me. call me usa 6033304214

    please contact me I need to talk to you call colect 🙂


  8. Fearga Please call me

  9. Hello Wayne. No last name so I don’t know if it’s my friend Wayne or some one else. Can you confirm.

  10. Paul, Sorry fro the late reply. It’s been some time since I’ve checked the site.
    my email is feargalmccann@gmail.com send me some details.


  11. From across the pond, in the US, I just came across the reaffirming & relieving news there is now a chance for your family to resurrect the bruised and battered casualty of Lady Justice. I am praying with every cell that she may rise over Ireland like a Phoenix from the ashes.
    Myself, being of (both Irish and) Cherokee decent, i am well aware of the supressed history of Fidel Castro advocating on behalf of my own peoples (illegally/politically) imprisoned Native Americans (on death row). Ofcourse the more I looked into it, the solidarity with North Americas ‘First Nations Peoples’ was but a tiny fraction of Castro’s tireless campaigning for the dignity and rights of disenfranchised peoples around the world.
    That being said, I just stopped by bc I wanted to share my initial gut reaction to hearing of the courts’ FINALLY granting Big Joe’s Assassins’ their day in court…. Without any hesitation, a wave of comfort washed over me, as I said to myself,
    “Now I KNOW, Fidels Soul isn’t dead- this is proof Castro is still working as hard as ever from on high to see that ‘Justice be done, or let the Heavens fall” Xoxo 4FR JenX

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