We are no strangers to the word ‘Collusion’ these days but a recent paper by Dr Huw Bennett has uncovered evidence from the British National Archive in London that collusion has existed at the very highest levels from the earliest days of the war. What caught our attention was a letter that Huw quoted from citing my fathers case as an example of how much the then attorney General was prepared to let the Army get away with, even inviting them to make ‘representations’ to him on any criminal cases involving soldiers.

Sounds like collusion to me and yet ‘De Silva’ could find ‘No over arching conspiracy” in the murder of Pat Finucane? Why?…Because there has ALWAYS been an ‘over arching conspiracy’ from the very start! I have attached links below to the recent article by Barry McCaffrey of The outlining this very issue. In the article you will find link to the actual documents that were discovered in the archive in Kew gardens in London. Proof that the cover-up that followed my fathers murder by the Para’s stretched all the way from Belfast to London.

You will also see that the cosy arrangement carried on through to the next Attorney General, so this ‘arrangement’ will have affected hundreds of cases and families in the occupied counties, including Ballymurphy and Springhill which would come under what are now called the RMP (Royal Military Police) cases of which there are approx 150. The RMP cases are those that cases that were investigated under the illegal arrangement between the Army and the RUC that involved only the Army questioning the soldiers and not the RUC as should have been the case and any ‘questioning’ of soldiers was more in the form of a ‘debriefing’ or a ‘tea and sandwiches’ style interview.

You will also be able to read (via one of the links in the article) the rubbish and lame response from the current Attorney Generals office. Have a read of it and make up your own mind.

Declassified documents reveal army lobbied Attorney General not to prosecute soldiers –

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