Below are links to some interesting articles:

Para ‘Trail of Blood’ An article on the Para’s and their victims;  (21/11/11) SAS, MI5 & MI6 in Ireland. Under cover Units. Under cover units still operating. Hugh Orde. Group 13 SAS gang. Collusion. Miami Show band killings Read about Human Rights, Collusion, Policing and many other issues. well worth a visit. Poster of Joe in ‘Political Collection’ of Linen Hall Library, shown here in on the Cedar Lounge Revelution website. Joe mentioned on the Milltown Cemetry website in relation to the ‘Workers Party’ plot. Although it was an Official IRA plot at the time Joe was murdered.

Discussion re. Joe on the Republican Socialist Forum. Includes some insight into the ‘ceasefire’ of 1972 as well as transcripts of songs and a few photo’s.