Interesting Reading

Below are links to some interesting articles:

Bloody Sunday, the ongoing cover-up – Republican News

Para ‘Trail of Blood’ An article on the Para’s and their victims; An Phoblacht – 25 January 2018 Edition  (21/11/11)

The SAS, their early days in Ireland, and the Wilson Plot SAS, MI5 & MI6 in Ireland.

Military Reaction Force – Powerbase Under cover Units.

Group 13 – Group 13 SAS gang.

Miami Showband massacre: HET raises collusion concerns – BBC Collusion. Miami Show band killings

The Pat Finucan Centre Read about Human Rights, Collusion, Policing and many other issues. well worth a visit.

Myth-making: Political imagery, posters from the Troubles and the contradictions of armed struggle by socialists – The Cedar Lounge Revolution Poster of Joe in ‘Political Collection’ of Linen Hall Library, shown here in on the Cedar Lounge Revelution website.