Joe’s Interests

Big Joe was a multifaceted man – family orientated, a lover of our mythology, an activist, a politician, and a spiritual man. In the pages below we honour what he also honoured.

  • The Proclamation (of Irish Independence): The Irish Proclamation of Independance was a cornerstone of Joe’s idealogical message – he believed in the following words with all of his heart and wished for everyone Irish or not to read, know, and understand Ireland’s Independance.
  • James Connolly: Joe was a Socialist at heart and believed in the commonality and unity of all Irishmen and Irishwomen. James Connolly was his greatest inspiration.
  • Liam Mellows: A celebrated hero particularly in West Ireland for his liberation of Athenry (not the one in the song) and his great military leadership, Joe also found inspiration from his actions.
  • Ché Guevara: Joe believed in the liberation of all peoples and sought commonality and inspiration in the struggles abroad. Guevara is known for aiding in the Cuban revolution and other South American struggles.