People of Interest

We will include links here to people who were part of the whole fabric of things at the time in order to give some sense of the period and of the people involved.

John McGuffin – the Protestant Anarchist!

Worker’s Solidarity Movement – Black Flag of Anarchism flies over Free Derry – John McGuffin & a history of Free Derry Corner

John McGuffin

Irish Resistance Books – John McGuffin

Cathal Goulding – IRA Chief of Staff

Cathal Goulding. Chief of Staff IRA and later Official IRA.

(PDF Download) Cathal Goulding: Thinker, Socialist, Republican, Revolutionary

Tomas MaGiolla. former IRA & OIRA Army Council.

The Cedar Lounge Revolution: Tomás MacGiolla: Republican, Socialist, Leader, Comrade

Wikipedia Article Eoghan Harris: Mac Giolla was a true pioneer of good politics

Billy McMillen IRA & OIRA O/C Belfast

Political activist and co-founder of NICRA the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association.

(PDF Download) In Tribute to Billy McMillen Funeral of Billy McMillen