Here are tributes to Joe’s memory that we have received from his old and new friends. If you have something you’d like to share with us, please email it to the webmaster.


Listen to songs written and performed for Joe while you browse the photos, articles, and other tributes to him.

Wallet made in Long Kesh concentration camp 1972. Thanks to Patrick Rooney for sharing this with us.

Nice Tribute and summation of Joe’s life.

New Badge commissioned by the McCann family to mark “Big Joe’s” 40th anniversary
Poster of Joe comissioned by the Official Republican Leadership, Gardener Place, Dublin. The poster was created by the renowned Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick who also created the famous poster of another revoluntionary socialist, Ernesto Che Guevara.
Collage by Seosamh O Bradaigh

Tribute by ‘MOCHARA’
Badge made by defunct site Social Productions
A t-shirt, also made by Socialist Productions


Rebel Lives: Staff Captain Joe McCann – Revolutionary Socialist Republican


Some youtube tributes to Joe. Many Thanks to all who went to the effort, it is appreciated.

Tribute by Derrylad

ApellRegell – Joe McCann

5 thoughts on “Tributes

  1. Sean:

    A poem I made about McCann, I consider the man an inspiration and hero, the world needs another like him. Called this poem, The Peoples Friend.

    1971 rebellion in bloom, rebels emerged answering to the cause.

    No longer did they want to be controlled by a foreign nations laws.

    Operation Demetrius, arrest without trial, families in pain.

    A regiment was sent to Belfast to end the dream of Sinn Fein.

    Legalized brutality, shoot first, beat then drag them away.

    Many to suffer, but they wanted their rule to be here to stay.

    Then came the legend who outnumbered would take a stand,

    Against six hundred in a fortified bakery McCann and his small band.

    Fending off each wave of Britain’s best for hours losing only one,

    holding them off until all could escape so in the end they won.

    Fifteen soldiers he had killed in his early twenties, only begining his life,

    and still he kept his honour and was married to his loving supporting wife.

    Showing mercy to the worst of enemies staying true to what he believed,

    UVF killing mostly catholic civilians the same kindness was never received.

    Never did he flee where he grew up despite the bounty on his head,

    because they feared him the special forces formed a plan and wanted him dead.

    While walking down Joy Street he was ambushed by them and he ran,

    then he saw he was surrounded and they shot that brave young man.

    One of the most wanted in the north had been found,

    the one who wanted a more fair world was now bleeding on the ground.

    They had their chance to arrest that unarmed family man of four,

    but instead they chose to shoot him 10 times more.

    He was now dead, the rebel’s infamous luck had come to an end,

    that was the life he picked, his knee he vowed to them it would not bend.

    Not long after he passed away his comrades lost the will to fight,

    they needed the warrior priest who was convinced their cause was right.

    Some say he did it to himself, too die like this was part of his fate,

    but I would like to think that heaven couldn’t wait….

    1. Feargal:

      Sean, Thanks for your kind words and glad to hear Joe is still inspiring people after all this time. Beir Bua!!

  2. simon boyce:

    My granda jimmy donaldson from the makets was a gd friend and comrade with joe he used to tell us storys about him growing up how he was wise beyond his yrs how he had great courage and bravery n was a soldier of the ppl who fought n died so lads like myself can bring my child up in a better fairer belfast the mccann family I have great respect for u .joe was 1 in a million by all accounts x

    1. Feargal:

      Simon. Thanks very much for your kind words. I will ask my mother about your Granda. His name rings a bell with me.

      Thanks again……..Feargal McCann

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